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and the BEAT goes on....

Tone. Texture. Rhythm. Much like music, life has a cadence. There is a tone, there is a texture, and more importantly...

There is an underlying rhythm. The input of our rhythm determines the output in our lives.

For me, 2022 seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere. It is the end of October already and it feels like January 1st was just a few weeks ago. Each month thus far has had its challenges and decisions to make. They have all had their triumphs. And more importantly, they have all each ended with more internal peace than the month before it. The cadence that I have established for my life beat is consistency, faith, and peace. It sounds like timely decisions, unwavering courage, and war drums played in victory. This is what I march to. This is what I sing to. This is what I dance to. Every single day. This is the rhythm pattern that my 41 years of life choices and lifestyle habits have created uniquely for me.

You have one also. You have a tone. You have a texture. And more importantly...

You and your life have a certain rhythm. Your life has evolved into the cadence established by your life decisions and lifestyle choices. You have curated your own beat pattern over the course of your life. There is something you march to. There is something you sing to. There is something you dance to. AND.

The only person that can hear your rhythm is you.

Others may feel it, but only you can hear it. Consider what your life sounds like. What makes you march? What makes you dance? What makes you sing? What rhythm do you move to? It is okay if you do not like what you hear because you are the only person with the power to change it. The beautiful thing is you do not have to be alone in your decision to change your beat. A comforter and guide were promised to us in the Holy Spirit. There is nothing we have to do without him; we just choose to. With two months left in 2022 now is the perfect time to let a new beat drop.

Nothing gets the day going like good, new music. Let that good sound you hear be YOURS.

~Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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