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Are We THERE Yet?

With 27 days left in 2021, this is a very natural question to ask. Here are two more…

Where exactly are you going? And. What exactly is it you’re running from?

The average person spends most of their adult life chasing the idea of "arriving there", like "there" is some magical destination that will change our lives when we find it. "There" is why many people are not successful here in the moments that require us to be present for our healing. "There" is popular, it’s trendy, it’s flashy, and it’s sexy. "There" is the lifestyle we don’t have but can finesse our way to and through. "There" is the place that shows that we’ve made it…..or have we?

The more interesting thing to consider is where the idea of "there" really comes from. Is it a place, is it a sense of being, is it a sense of purpose? For many of us, the idea of "there" has been ingrained in our souls since childhood. Whatever was lacking in our home, in our lives, and in our hearts could be found "there" once we escaped real life and arrived. I can certainly say this was true for me. I just knew that once I graduated high school and started my own life all of the love I needed within would be found "there", somewhere in the world out of my Father’s door. I remember going through middle school and high school quickly learning that "there" for me was not in the popular crowd, the athletic crowd, or the band crowd. What I did find was a love for all people and common ground with those not as visible. It was a comfortable place that I have stayed in for a very long time.

As a forty-year-old woman with grown children, I see in the broader world around me those same "there’s" in my youth for people everywhere I go. The pursuit to be popular, to be seen, to be included…those "there’s" from ages ago have followed many into adulthood. These ideas of "there" have many people currently chasing lives that they find to be unfulfilling once they get there because there is no substance there, pun intended.

Am I "there" yet? Absolutely not. I’ve long stopped searching for "there." When I made the decision to pursue my healing seriously several years ago, "there" became a nonfactor because my presence in the moments here is what matters. I choose daily to deal with me no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Are you present in your here? Or are you avoiding dealing with the matters of your heart and matters of your healing seeking the escape of a nonexistent place called there? I challenge you to consider this as we fast approach 2022. The reality is that whatever you won’t deal with here always shows up "there." Don’t be in a hurry to get to a new place just to end up residing in a new home with the same old issues.

Choose to be present here in your healing. It will serve you well in the next season. I’m certain of this.

Until 2022 Beloved’s ❤️

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture~ Kesh C.


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