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as Good as IT gets.

"Don't let the weight nor the wait hold you down." ~Kesh C.

That is a wild way to open this one, isn't it? I know it is and I couldn't imagine another way to set this one off. In my heart and mind, I'm watching God do a very new thing for me. The gag is that it really is not a "new" thing; it's just the actualization of what I had to do within my own mind to allow sovereign reign to really rule. We love to say "God is in control" until we see that it costs us our own ideas of control. This season of my life is five years in the making, five years in forward movement, five years of saving grace, and five years of consistent obedience. Don't get it twisted, there have been stumbling blocks and well-placed distractions along the way. There have been uncomfortable decisions. There have been moments that I questioned. There have been moments that I cried, kicked, and screamed. And...there has not been one moment that God has not handled my lightweight. He's carried some loads, even when the load to carry has been me.

When life happens who do you trust? What do you run to? Where does your mind take you? I've had to seriously examine this for myself. I know I've previously shared that my idle mind was something that held me captive and sometimes kept me captive. I used to find myself stuck in things that had not happened and consumed by fears that never manifested. I am at a place in life where I understand the purpose of the swiftness of the mental pivot. The faster you shift out of negative self-talk the faster you shift out of self-sabotaging whatever God has called you to. Our greatest enemy is what we tell ourselves about any given matter at any given time.

The next season is upon us. The closeout of 2022 is upon us, we have 96 days left in 2022. . Go into this new season lighter than you have been all year because YOU CAN. Take courage in knowing that you really can choose to let go and let God, starting with You. Literally, Naturally, Spiritually, and Figuratively. What I mean by that is simply this: Take your hands off yourself and the idea that you have control over yourself. The reality is you don't. If you had "control" over the things that control you, those things would not consume you. Habits come from choices, choices come from circumstances and decisions in the moment. Consider what may be holding you back. Life's delays may be caused by you standing in your own way. You're not losing anything by dropping off whatever and whoever doesn't prosper your soul. Even at its heaviest, there is not one burden in your life that is too much for God to bear.

Drop it off, whatever "IT" may be, because really....

Even "better" is not as good as it gets. God is trying to do a new thing for you too, I hope you let Him.

~Healing is a #HeartPosture~ Kesh C.


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