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because you ARE who you attract...

I'm a dog. He's a dog. She's a dog.

I think I was 34 when I realized something about me wasn't quite right. Good woman. Bad guys. It had been a consistent theme since my divorce. Every guy I entertained all had similarities and symptoms that I could attribute back to my ex-husband and failed marriage. There was ALWAYS another woman in the picture somewhere. When I say something wasn't quite right, I don't mean as far as my self esteem. I'm attractive with a nice shape. I'm quite pleasing to my own eye if I do say so myself, lol! What I mean by something being wrong is that something in me wasn't quite right. I, a proud badge carrying member of the "Good Woman" coalition of America, was attracting men that mistreated me in the same way over and over agian. HOW SWAY?????

Looking back with 2020 vision from a healed heart posture I can most certainly now say it was ME and not THEM. You are what you attract. It really is that simple. I was a good woman on the surface, but I was also manipulative and vindictive on the inside. It's no wonder that all I attracted were men who looked great on the outside but were liars and schemers on the inside. Lying and scheming are attributes of manipulation. I had to take a really close look at my own behaviors to understand that I was the female version of the men I attracted. I'm not saying that I did everything they did, but I will be transparent and say that what was wrong in me attracted what was wrong in them. We all know two wrongs don't make anything right. It wasn't until I took some serious time away from dating and having sex that I realized I had issues within me that made me attractive to men who had similar issues. It was easy for chaos to mix with chaos and call it love when it really was just brokeness and lust. This is why I'm an advocate of #healingBEFOREfeelings. Love is lived differently from a healed place AND you attract good things, good times, and good people.

The next time you find yourself bashing the opposite sex, I challenge you to take a step back and examine your own behavior. You may find that you are indeed just like that person that you allowed to "dog" you out.

Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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