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COVID-19 has come for us all in some way. There is a common uncertainty hovering over the lives and lifestyles of every human being right now that hasn't been seen nor felt in years. There isn't anyone who has not been impacted in some manner by this pandemic and the mass quarantine that has ensued because of it. No one is exempt. Not one has been left untouched. 'Tis a bit much to say the least.

I can't help but wonder if God is watching us more closely now. I've seen so many prayers regarding the "famine." I've watched sermons dealing with our perspective. I, myself, have been writing about what this time is designed to teach us all. Our lives, livelihoods, lifestyles, and the decisions we've made regarding those areas are now under personal scrutiny. Areas that were once certain in comfort are now being challenged due to what I believe is purposely imposed kingdom discomfort. I've sought God daily in my own personal time. My ever asked question is consistent, "WHAT would you have me do, Lord?" The Lord's answer has not changed yet. "SERVE." It's interesting to be instructed to "serve" in a season of social distancing. I can tell you that for the first few weeks of this quarantine, I was perplexed with the guidance to serve so I just asked: "How, Lord?"

Sometimes all we really need to do is seek clarity on the instruction we are given. I know this but sometimes I don't follow through with it. It happens to the best of us.

I'm realizing in this season, it's not necessarily about serving others as much as it is about serving the Lord. I'm not discounting serving others because that is an attribute of discipleship and is a heart space that reflects the God in us. I am, however, understanding that now is the time that we should be getting back to seeking the Lord and serving our relationship with Him. I had to ask myself how I was serving in my own relationship. I can tell you that I'm invested in it. I'm concerned about it. I'm mindful of it. BUT. I have not been as attentive to it as I have been in previous times. As with any relationship what you put into it is what you get out of it. The same can be said of our relationship with God.

I've chosen to reconsider my presence in my relationship with God. This alone requires me to be PRESENT in our relationship. I am choosing to serve our relationship cold. Why "cold"? I'm choosing to serve cold because some of my favorite food is best served cold. It is at its prime when it is served in an atmosphere conducive to bringing out it's best natural flavor. For me serving cold means that no matter what each day brings, I am serving my relationship with the Lord in an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful to have time to read His word. I am grateful to make time to just talk to him about what is going on in my heart. I am grateful that I can be transparent even in disappointment. I am grateful to listen to what He has to say to me. I am grateful to just be still in His presence. I've yielded my mind to be grateful for the stillness of the hour because in the stillness there is the promise of God's peace. I'm recognizing that my flavor is best when I'm basking in the love of our relationship. I am understanding that in order for my house to serve the Lord, I must consistently choose to gratefully serve first my relationship with the Lord.

We have been given this time for a reason. How are you serving? What are you serving? Better yet, WHO are you serving? Every relationship matters but none matters more than the one we have individually with God. While everything else may be uncertain, there is one thing you can be certain of and that one thing is your relationship with the Lord. The relationships that may be suffering in your life could be that way because your relationship with God is suffering. Choose this time to be present. Choose this time to serve cold. We've been given the gift of stillness. Choose this day HOW you will serve. #Grateful

Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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