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I took a knee and obeyed a much-needed rest in December. I know the Lord probably shook his head as he thought to himself "Finally, she basks in what I've provided." I came into my birthday on New Year's Day 2023 not carrying anything with me from 2022. Literally, my hands were in a place of yielded submission that I have not ever experienced before. My sincere prayer over myself is that they remain this way for the rest of the days of my life. Chosen submission brings a level of inner peace that just hits different. It's an experience that cannot be explained, it really is one of those things that if you KNOW. Submission also brings about a clarity in swift decision that the human heart and mind couldn't fathom in its own power. You cannot make sense of it, it just IS.

The peace of God through submission is not a "provision." It is, however, a chosen state of being. I write to you today full of a five-fold heart posture: Gratitude. Wisdom. Reflection. Discernment. Decision. Call it my state of soul-being if you will, that's how proportionate it is. This is my choice. AND...this is my portion.

2023 will be a year where you will have whatever you choose in every aspect of your life, quickly. You will have to show up and be accountable for whatever experience you have this year. You will not be allowed to blame others for the choices you make or do not make to show up in your own life. The grace you have will be the grace you receive. Whatever you choose to lead with is what will follow you. What you entertain is going to show you the exact reflection of your inner being. Where you choose to stay too long is also where your harvest will be. Your clarity can come from obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit quickly, or it can come from the control and comfort of your habit. You will see YOU in a way that you've not ever seen before. This is the year that you will have whatever you decide. You will absolutely choose your portion.

I'm choosing to be dangerously decided and firm in choosing whatever God has for me, even when I don't understand the outcome. That is what I will follow. That is what I choose to be led by, anything else for me would be uncivilized. I'm choosing to move quickly away from anything that does not align with the promise of peace, the prophecy of love, and the fulfillment of joy that was spoken over my life 6 years ago. My decisions are not personal at this point, they are purposeful. I am expecting a beautiful texture, tone, and timbre to my way of life at the age of 42 that I have not ever seen before. I am expecting good, whole, healed decision-making to lead me. I expect my decision-making to remain sound in faith promises no matter what attempts to distract me. I expect my walk to solidly support my talk no matter who I may encounter.

Gratitude. Wisdom. Reflection. Discernment. Decision. This is my proportionate portion.

I pray the same for you.

~Healing Is A #Heartposture ~ Kesh C.


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