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famous LAST words...

”Are you ready for some football???” would be a normal question to ask right now if this were a normal year with normal occurrences...


It is not. Nothing about 2020 has been normal. I am certain that by now the idea of what "normal" is, is questionable at best. As we get closer to this next seasonal change I find myself dissatisfied with a lot of what used to be my "normal" way of being. Things that I used to get excited about are no longer even interesting to me. I am finding myself in a consistent state of challenging the ideas and ideals that have been mass fed to us over time by American culture and American society. I find myself giving the side-eye to the content that is produced daily, from the news to social media. Things I used to lean into I have seriously leaned away from. I would like to attribute all of that to the inner growth spurt that should come as you approach forty, but I seriously doubt that is all to it. What I have noticed in this abnormal year is that the only normal thing in my life is the consistency in the word of God. The Bible has become my best friend again. Not because I am this super "holy" and deep person but because 2020 is not the worst year I have ever experienced. I have been through worse times than this personally. Many times it was due to God shifting my course to get me back on task with His purpose and sometimes it was just the consequences of doing my own thing in blatant disobedience to kingdom instruction. The spaces we find ourselves in personally as 2020 continues to progress may be the result of these two things. I am writing today to ask you to discern within yourself where you are. One thing is surely certain, we have no control over the outer world around us most times, BUT, we certainly have control over the world within us at all times.

Uncertain times call for certain answers. When I have found myself in doubt of the world around me my pattern of behavior is to recall the last thing God told me to do. There has not ever been a time when His instruction has been unclear, uncertain, nor unsure. It is often in those famous last words that I find the key that unlocks the understanding of where I am in my journey as well as why I am responding to my journey the way I have been. It is also in those words I find the comfort and assurance that I need to move forward in making the best decisions for my life. The answers your inner being is seeking may be found in the last set of instructions God gave you. I encourage you to go back to those words. When you recall them, decide what you will do with them. There is a most excellent chance your obedience to those last words will cause you to prosper no matter the uncertainty in the next season.

~Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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