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It has been interesting to watch the entire world as we have come to know it be turned upside down in a matter of months. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken us all in some way, myself included. I've had moments over the last few weeks where I've questioned God. I haven't questioned His plan nor His will for the world but I have questioned if I was truly in alignment with what He has chosen for me to do in this season. I've been in a personal place of shifting since my birthday rolled in on New Years Day. There are some works in my life that are being completed and some spaces in my heart that are being healed. So even in my own personal Godfidence I have found myself saying " Lord, is NOW still the time? What is it that you would have me do?"

I think many of us have struggled with what is going on around us. It seems as though the very foundations of our lives are being unraveled. No matter which way you look, the reports are of fear, death, and chaos. What a faith contradiction we are in right now! It's in this very contradiction that God daily answers my question..

NOW IS THE TIME TO REALIGN. I believe that God has chosen to interrupt our regularly scheduled life programs to show us how far we have really removed ourselves from His bosom. Prior to this pandemic, I have been unemployed, I have been evicted from my home, I have also had my car repossessed, and yet each time something contrary to my prayer and faith occurred God revealed Himself to be strong, faithful, and true. Times that felt like major losses proved to be major lessons in personal and spiritual stewardship. I choose to believe that God was preparing my faith for such a time as this. It is these reminders that keep me in peace while still being humble enough to ask for guidance as I watch the entire world go through the same situation differently. This is a defining moment in each of our lives because it is bringing to the forefront things that we have placed before and in front of God. It is quite funny how the very dollar that we have grown to rely on so much that proudly boasts " In God We Trust" is failing us. There are so many systems, people, policies, and idols that we have placed our faith in that are now utterly useless to help ease the mental calamity each of us faces daily in this uncertain time. We are all at the same time realizing that the idea of control we thought we had is just that; an idea that is indeed a facade. So what now do you lean on? Are you aligned in faith or are your prayers masked in pure fear?

Now is the time to consider your ways. Now is the time to consider your decisions. The very fabric of your newly quarantined life will show you what you value and where you have placed the bulk of your life decisions. Now is the time to seek God for real within your heart. Now is the time for your perspective to be healed. Now is the time for your heart to be helped. Now is the perfect time for God to interrupt your program. We need it. I needed it.

2020 is not canceled but your outlook on what is happening soon will be. This I most certainly promise you. God is doing an individual work within us all. This too shall pass but how it passes for you is solely dependant on how you embrace your interruption.

I am expecting great things on the other side of this and while I am with you in this, I choose to be shown where I need to realign with God. It is a rested, yielded, and peaceful position to be in. You also have the opportunity to choose it as well. This is only a season of loss if you choose to see it that way. Perspective matters.

Healing Is A #HEARTPOSTURE ~ Kesh C.


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