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I spent the last four moths of 2022 in a life space full of very familiar circumstances. I write today grateful for the messengers that came on time, in season to help me prepare for a mental battle I had no idea lay ahead. Each season of our lives is designed to bring about change. Seasonal change is best covered by progressive, decided, growth. I've come to understand there are those among us assigned to message us forward at pivotal times in our journey, they may not always come in a manner we are receptive to. I encourage you to be mindful and discerning of "who comes when" for each person comes with something. The best thing I did was open myself up to being able to receive God's help no matter how it looked. Some gifts are not always wrapped in packages we like to receive.

Even though I was not certain of the path forward, God was. The battle in my last season was purely mental. Last season showed me how we have control of our minds until we don't. Self-control is not physical. It is a spiritual-mental state that propels emotional and physical behavior. My temporary circumstance was determined to take permanent residence in my mind. I was in a place where regression was determined to destroy years spent cultivating soul, faith, and healing work. My core trust in God was challenged. Had I allowed it, my idle mind would have taken me back to a place of survival, fear, defeat, and complacency. One of the books deposited at the start of that season dealt with where we allowed our minds to drift when life happened. It was a necessary read. My days were spent dealing with my mind in the moment, real-time. Too often we allow our minds to have us wrapped up in distractions detrimental to our life's focus. There is something to be said about where we choose to walk mentally after our mind starts to wander.

As I look back on this last season, I can tell you one of the best things you can do for yourself is become mindful over your mind in every moment. Becoming mindful over your mind is far beyond thinking "positive" thoughts. Thinking positively is great but it does not challenge where your thoughts stem from. It does not deal with why you are "there" in that moment in the first place. Many of my thoughts last season came from the remnants of childhood and early adulthood spent in survival mode. Each time I felt my focus going astray, I asked myself "WHERE is this coming from?" along with "WHY do you really feel this way?" I got down into some residue that I didn't realize was there. Each day presented an opportunity for my mind to decide what I would choose. I chose to trust God's promise for my life and as the year closed out, I was fully rested in what had been promised to me.

In this season, steward your thoughts. Setward your heart. Steward your mind. Focus is required to step fully into the next season. Every thought is not an attack from "the devil." Every season doesn't come with an attack from "the devil." Life is sometimes the result of the unfocused and stuck state of mind you've chosen to allow to take up residence. An idle mind is indeed an open playground.

Consider where your mind goes, consider where your mind stays. You're probably not supposed to be there.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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