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...light from a dark place

I've been waking up over the last few weeks reminded of how God has chosen to rescue me from dark places. Not once, not twice, but all the days of my life. It has been an intentional, strategic, consistent, and unyielding pursuit of my heart. I am humbled. I am honored. I am grateful.

It is this reminder that has been my peace-keeper in the midst of everything growing on. I would love to say "going on" because that is what it seems like, but the reality is we are all in a space of choosing to "grow on." I could not have told you on my birthday six months ago while creating my vision board amongst beautiful company, that I would be spending the last summer of my thirties having to remember to keep masks in my car to protect myself and others from Covid-19. The only thing I could have told you was that this birthday, New Years Day 2020, was the most beautiful birthday I had experienced all nine years of my thirties thus far. I, like those I was surrounded by, had plans, hopes, and desires that we knew God was going to fulfill for us. It was the beginning of a beautiful season.

Then came the clouds. Then came the darkness. Then came the rain. From death to heartbreak, I have personally felt every ounce of 2020 so far. I have had moments of uncertainty, hopelessness, and despair. I have shed tears. I've had moments where the pain was so deep that I could not find adequate words. I have had started plans that have come to a complete stop. I have found myself starting to ask God "WHY???" many times only to be graciously reminded of this one thing.

God does not ever change. God is EVERLASTING.

It is with this understanding that my entire perspective has shifted and remained one of faith in the world's collective darkest hour. It is with this understanding that I find comfort and courage in speaking to your heart today. We have been bound by an idol of certainty. We had it all figured out until the bottom of the world dropped out at the same time for everyone and now we have no idea what to do anymore. We have been in the pursuit of platforms that God is not allowed to stand on. We have been chasing what is popular and trending without ever really considering our true heart towards the matter. We have been driven by the ambition to achieve things that serve our voids while serving souls nothing at the end of the day. We have had relationship goals that God did not ever give us. We have been trying to force agendas through anger instead of trusting God to move through our praise. We have done quite a lot just to end up with nothing. It all keeps coming back to our own individual heart space.

I encourage you to be reminded that all is not ever lost. It never was. What has happened, however, is that a light has been shined on the dark places in our hearts, minds, and lives. Exposure is happening on a global scale. Substance is coming up short in every aspect of life from leadership to social media "influencers." Matters that have been covered up are coming to light. Decisions that have been long avoided are now being forced. Platforms that have no purpose are being revealed. Anything not of God is being torn up and out from the root, from households to public agenda. Not one of us can look away because we are all dealing with some kind of heart matter. I'm not encouraging you to look away. I am challenging you to look towards God. It is in His presence that you will find everything you need.

In this still beautiful growth season, I have questioned many things. Not one of those things has been God's heart-posture towards me. I can say that I am familiar with His love and I have been loved well. We choose to lean our hearts towards many things. Now is the time for you to choose to lean your heart in submission towards God. We have something to grow through. We have to grow on. We cannot do it alone. God is after your heart. Will you give it to Him?

You may not have control of the storm but you do have control over how you protect yourself from the rain.

The choice is always yours.

Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


Absolutely! It’s a powerful reality🙌🏾


God does not ever change. God is EVERLASTING!! Powerful statement!!

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