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This year is the first year in my adult life that I've celebrated my birthday on my birthday. It was an amazing feeling to wake up to the sounds of the ocean and not feel pressed to tap into outside noise. Even in that beautiful moment on my beautiful life celebration day, life happened. Something designed to be hurtful and embarrassing was used to remind me of my own inner growth and personal accountability up to that point.

This is the space I write from today, in real-time, because this is a season of making righteous decisions in the moment needed; in REAL-TIME.

I can tell you that this has been the best introduction to a new life year as an adult;m it has indeed been a most favored celebration. I can tell you that I have had to intentionally choose my reaction as well as my situational behavior several times over the last twenty-eight days. I can also tell you that the turn-up comes with a turn-down knob in tune with your spirit. I knew about two weeks ago when I started waking up "randomly" at 4:00 am it was time to turn down and tune in. I fought those wake-ups and early morning quiet times with the Lord up through this morning. I knew today when my spirit leaped awake at 4:12 am to stay up. Life events over the last 48 hours let me know that it was time to turn off the noise and sit with God. Warning and instruction always come before destruction. I am at the place in my relationship with God where I'll heed the instruction rather than have to recover from unwarranted destruction. I am not perfect, but I am locked in. My relationship with God is one of total surrender. It didn't happen overnight, it happened over time. It happened by choice and my free will. It happened over TRUST. It happened over love. Our relationship has come with instruction, healing, protection, provision...

And more importantly, PEACE.

I know today that my journey is in a place of promised pivot and I am rolling with it. I am obedient to the pause. I am obedient to unexpected disconnects. I am obedient to minding my heart in moments where I could be petty. I am intentionally obedient in removing myself from tables that do not serve me. I am obedient to keep my feet from soil they no longer need to tread on. These are personal choices. These are soul choices. These are life choices. In real-time, in real season. My soul rests well with these decisions.

I encourage you to consider the space a new year has afforded you. A good friend of mine posted this gem a few days ago on his social platforms: "If the habits don't change, it ain't no NEW YEAR. It'll be just another year." ~ Enrique Batiste

I second his sentiment. If your habits do not change, your heart will not change. If your decisions do not change, your life will not change. You will have the same you living another distracted, unfruitful, unfocused year.

You can be locked in with the Lord's leadership this year or you can be locked in with your distractions.

I have made my choice today. Your choice is YOURS.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


Thank you for making the time to read this one🩶 I am glad it gave you peace!


You are such a great writer. Your entire message filled me with so much inspiration and peace.

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