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peace. Precisely

Today is July 30th. I just realized that after half a cup of coffee was gone, two dogs were fully fed, and being three hours awake into the day. It's not a big deal, I just almost forgot that this month's blog is due. Normally I get the title in advance with some really good after-sight and insight. This isn't that today, lol.

The title and desire to flow-write came to me as I was about to start streaming church service a few minutes ago. Instead of writing inside, I'm outside finishing the rest of my coffee with the hum of the ac unit, the birds, and the insects singing their morning song.

I'm writing today from a real-life place of "perfect" peace. I can say now that I understand this place in the manner that God intended us to have it. This space is absolute. It's complete. It's quiet. It's still. It's abundant. It's not a feeling, a person, or even a place like we so often think. It's a true state of well-being. Life is good and I mean that.

And it is still NOT without flaw. In all that is happening for me and to me, from frustration to faith, this place of "perfect" peace remains unmatched. Life has happened. Decisions have been made. Changes have come from those decisions. It's a confirmation that everything we seek to find in life is readily available and magnificently settled in the heart of God. God's heart is definitely something to seek, it's a self-desired accountability that overwhelmingly releases His hand.

There are a few things that I have come to rest in during this last season of spiritual growth. The primary thing is really and truly protect your process. There are some paths God will call you to walk alone, you simply cannot tell everyone what is going on. Protecting your process is also protecting your peace.

Secondary is the value of discerning who is equipped to walk with you to, at, and IN each level of elevation. My last season was discerning and decidedly quiet. Some knew everything. Some knew some things. Others knew nothing. Earlier seasons taught me that it can be hurtful and also sometimes shocking to learn who feels entitled to access fruitful ground they did not work. This last season just solidified that everyone is not called to go where I go. When you think about Jesus's walk, the closer he got to his cross-destiny the fewer disciples were able to come.

Thirdly and last for now, Peace FOLLOWS. Peace follows anything that God has His majestic hands on. This is inclusive of everything from people to decisions. Anything, anyone, any space that enjoys chaos is simply not of God, it really is that simple. In earlier seasons, I learned to consider how I feel when I leave the presence of others. I have now also learned how to discern what I may carry into the presence and space of others. I value those I have been blessed to be in alignment with too much to leave them heavy because of what I refuse to resolve and heal from within myself. This alone has dismantled the fear of missing out where I probably shouldn't be in the first place. I have become a protector of what I can choose NOT to project. Some things really have nothing to do with anyone other than myself. I am also very, VERY certain that even the most uncomfortable decision will yield peace when it is the righteous thing to do. When I consider Jesus's solo, life decision for God's will over how he felt in the middle of Gethsemane (oil press), I can look back over my last season in full understanding of why certain things had to be the way they were, even those that hurt.

Last year, on this same day I had no idea that the walk to get here would have been as challenging as it was. And this year today, I can certainly tell you that I will choose God's will, instruction, and promise over anything I may personally feel. I can feel a way and still decide to choose God. You can too. I promise you He will handle any lightweight that concerns you if you let Him, so LET HIM.

~Healing Is A #Heartposture~ Kesh C.


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