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Today I am grateful and mindful of the blessing that comes with a second chance. I can be transparent and say that I have not always been of this mind frame nor of this heart posture. Previously, I just lightly said "Thanks, God!" when something that I may have mishandled came back around for me to make right. I always assumed God would give me a second chance. As I have matured, I fully understand that second chances are blessed opportunities that God is not at all obligated to bring back around our way.

Me, myself, I, and my hardheaded nature had to find out many times in my late twenties, thirties, and a few times early on in this newer chapter of my forties that character moments impact lifetime and lifelines. What I have come to understand is that opportunity is an occurrence for character to show up. When the blessing of opportunity arrives, which version of you will show up and show strong? Will it be the healed, whole you? Or will it be you that trusts God with your life but struggles to trust God with your heart matters? I know it would be great to say the healed, whole you would show up every time but let me save you the embarrassment because he/she absolutely won't. It is absolutely not easy to do nothing or remain silent when you feel like someone is getting over on you or "winning" in a situation where they are blatantly handling you wrong. Those are the moments where the struggle is most prevalent. Those are the moments when we have to choose between a well-aimed reaction versus a powerful, nonhurtful response. Reactions are easy by default because really, who wants to walk around feeling like a punk? What we do not realize oftentimes is that choices made in the moment have the propensity to affect us for a lifetime. The beautiful thing is that these opportunities teach us something each and every time. Our responses tend to get better over time when we allow healing to have its complete work on our hearts and minds. The consequence is that we may not be presented with a second chance to handle right what we chose to handle wrong.

Over time, in my own process, wisdom and consequence have walked hand in hand to ensure there is a pause in each opportunity so that the appropriate version of Kesh shows up. I challenge you today to examine which version of you has shown up. I encourage you to make peace with the moments where your best self did not arrive. I pray that the real and righteous you show up from this day forward, your purpose and promise depend on it.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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