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shall I play for thee?

12.31.23. Peep the sequence, and check the cadence. Rest in full knowing that God does not make mistakes. His time and timing are always perfect. I'm typing for the first time live in the sky en route to start my birthday vacation. 2023 has been a year of refining faith for me. I've revisited life spaces from the past while operating in faith in my present. I've lost people, I've navigated tough heart spaces, I've experienced financial difficulty, and I've walked through doors that my soul knows only God could have opened. It's been eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and abundantly rewarding all at the same time.


It's shown me that God will take me as I am and accept the pureness of what I have to give. Too often we think we have to "get right" before we yield and commit to God's will. The truth is God cares nothing at all about earthly status. Nothing we can think to get on our own will be better than what God can bless us with. The reality is our best before the Lord is in our undone form, what the Bible calls "filthy rags." This year I have had some of the most vulnerable, naked moments with the Lord. They came with tears. They came with restlessness. They came with hopelessness. They came with hurt. They came with betrayal. They came with a weary heart and a cluttered mind. No matter how they came, the Lord met me and loved me where I was. As I look back over this year, just twelve hours shy of my forty-third birthday, I can tell you that it was God's love that got me through this year. It is in the fullness of God's love that I walk with expectation towards 2024.

I want to encourage you on this last day of 2023 to meet the Lord exactly as you are with exactly what you have in the exact space that you are. I'm reminded of the scene painted by the song Little Drummer Boy.

"I have no gift to give, Shall I Play for you?" The answer was "Yes."

What we consider to be a little is what the Lord knows is a LOT.

God is honored by who we authentically are, not by who we dress up and pretend to be. Whatever you have is nothing compared to what God desires to give you. Show up today and Play. Who you are authentically and what you have transparently is more than enough.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture~ Kesh C.


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