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Sorry for the WEIGHT...

Today is June 11, 2022. This post originally dropped into my soul as I was preparing to walk out of 2020. 2020 was personally challenging and interesting because like many believers in Christ, my faith and inner being were put to the test. The Covid Pandemic rocked the whole world to its core. I experienced a level of protection, peace, wisdom, and love that I know came straight from God's heart into mine. My original ideas for this post have not yet manifested and today, I understand why. In June 2017, exactly five years ago, this time frame is when I came out of a season of disobedience that caused me to lose EVERYTHING God was trying to bless me with. Stripped is an understatement for how I felt then. In every aspect of my life, I literally had to start over, step down, and step away from what was familiar and comfortable. I had to dismantle things that caused distractions and I had to discipline my flesh in a way that solidified my commitment to what turned into a season of uncomfortable obedience. Today I thought that I would be starting this blog from scratch only to find out that I had saved what I originally wrote back when it first hit my soul, please take note of it below. I'm mindblown right now!!!! This place of peace, discernment, obedience, and prosperity that I woke up in today was birthed in a time when I know I was uncertain in everything I could see. The only certainty I had at that time was that God was not going to take me through any process that He would not fully see me out of.

November 4th, 2020: I walked into 2020 dealing with some personal disappointment and some professional uncertainty. I also came into 2020 proud of previous decisions that I'd made. Even in my disappointment, I had peace because I made the decisions that were best for my soul at the time. By the time the 2020 show began her downward spiral, I had made up my mind that nothing and no one was going to rattle my peace of being. I can look back over the last eleven months and see that decision reflected inwardly and outwardly. It has been a little crazy at times, but overall my peace has prevailed. It has been one of the primary determining factors in the decisions I have begun to make towards my future state of being as well. Prior to this year, I had to make many uncomfortable decisions for my personal growth and better being. It took a lot of prayer, discernment, and obedience. I can tell you that I was uncomfortable until I made the necessary decisions; the "God decisions" is what I call them. While I did not understand the fullness of the decisions at those times, I am grateful I had the courage to make them. Even though 2020 has been a heavy year, I have not been crushed by its weight because I was not carrying anything else except my inner peace.

So I ask you...

What have you been carrying in 2020? I do not want to know your answer, but I do want you to be transparent with yourself when you answer. This year has been full of things that we could do little to control. But what about the things you were able to control? Has your 2020 been heavy because of what you chose to carry into it? Is your 2020 standing still because of decisions you won't make? Is your 2020 under pressure because of issues you refuse to address? I can tell you most certainly that whatever you do not deal with will deal with you. At some point, you will have to make a decision because your issues will expose you or force you to make one. There is a strong possibility that the weight you want to lose is not at all physical. Sometimes we get stuck under the weight of our self-imposed or situationally inherited issues. Regardless of whatever it is or how you picked it up, don't you think it is time to take your load off?

Today my life is in alignment with God's will and His kept promises for me. I can tell you that obedience is greater than sacrifice. You will not manifest anything without committing to the soul work, the heart work, and the overall process that will grow your ability to maintain and steward over what God blesses you with. I am lighter today. I pray that you are able to take your load OFF and I hope that the entirety of this post meets you and helps you where you are.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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