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the best part....

This picture is a real-life representation of God's kept promises. We were able to celebrate my daughter's junior prom Saturday. She is my youngest. Prom in itself has always been a big deal for parents and is probably more so now that our capacity to celebrate has been impacted by COVID-19. For me, however, this one hit differently. It was more than a celebration and rite of teenage passage, it was a timely fullness of a God-kept promise.

You see...I grew up primarily without my mother. As a result of this, I helped raise my siblings. I had a childhood but really did not have a childhood because I was Big Sister-Mom for most of it. When it came time for my prom, I paid for everything and I did not have anyone to help me with figuring out hair, make-up, dress, shoes, etc. All of the details were left to me to figure out on my own. I share this context because it is one of those things that you either know about me or you do not. I also want you to understand that each moment of your life will have meaning that makes sense if you live it long enough. One of the results of me having to raise children before my adult time was a mentality of not wanting to have children of my own. I had no desire to marry nor have children because of what I experienced growing up. Of course, God had other plans, lol. I have not one, but two children, a son, and a daughter.

My pregnancy with my daughter was very different than with my son largely because of how God talked to me the entire nine months. Had he not talked to me, she would not be here. One of the promises God made me was that He would love me through my child. At the time, I did not understand what that meant, but now as I type with tears in my eyes, I do. I OVERSTAND that promise from eighteen years ago. What I did not receive as a young girl growing up without her mother, God has given back to me a thousand times over through the grace of raising my own daughter.

The best part was how it came full circle right before my eyes. I could not even cry because I was so full of understanding how God loves me and has not ever once let me down. Not once.

I share this today because I want you to understand that the best part sometimes comes long after trying times. It is easy to become discouraged along the way because the process of growing with God is not at all easy nor is it for the faint of faith and faint of heart. It is indeed a PROCESS (insert every emoji you can think of here because it is a PROCESS BABY lol). But, I promise you that each time you step into one of God's kept promises, you will understand why the best part required so much from you. There is substance in that, don't let it go over your heart, and don't let it go over your head.

Trust it out, Grow it out, and Thug it out Baby. The Best Part is waiting on your arrival. I know this for myself.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.

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Shéreeta Bell
Shéreeta Bell
28 avr. 2021

What a great way of seeing this come full circle. We do not always understand the path that we are destined to walk in order to complete the journey. I tell you, looking at this picture of your baby (young lady, but always your baby) I see you, but with a different glow that is beautiful. I'm glad that she was able to experience this time with you and that you got a chance to be there for her in ways that you were unable to have at her age.

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Thank you Reeta! It has been a very surreal experience. All I could do was look up in gratitude like “Ah! I see what you did there Dad!” God is a provider of all that we need especially that which we don’t realize we need❤️

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