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The devil didn't make YOU do it....

Is it a storm or a bad decision?

Don't you know I grew up blaming my bad decisions on the devil and equating every life "storm" to a spiritual attack? For much of my adult life, every time something happened to me or happened in my life that was "against God's promise for my life", I just knew it was the devil! IT WAS THE DEVIL!!!! Nah. It wasn't the devil. The reality was it was me, my brokenness, and the decisions I made while being a comfortable tenant of a traumatized headspace and a broken heart space. I was a hurt person making decisions that hurt my life.

I spent the early years of my adult journey back to God's love thinking that all I had to do was receive God's love. That is majorly true. God's love is a gift that is given to those who receive it. However, to navigate through this thing called life, you also need God's correction, instruction, and wisdom. It's with the consistent presence of those three nuggets that you will receive accountability. Accountability is a driving factor in the healing process. I was a welcome recipient of God's love but truth be told, I didn't have the understanding early on to get the soul substance that was needed to embrace correction, instruction, and wisdom that came with it.

What I found over time and process is that many of the storms I found myself in could have been avoided had I simply made a different decision. It's easy to do what you want to do but it's often difficult at times to deal with the consequences of those same decisions. That's when the "devil" comes in handy. That's who we shift the blame on because it's convenient. The 'devil" is the Christian scapegoat. Let's have a real moment of transparency; we do what we want to do and we do not want to deal with the consequences. We do what we want to do because we don't trust what God tells us to do. I'll raise my hand because I know I've done this. I can tell you that I grew tired quickly of busting my head to the white meat and then having to clean up the mess.

Look at your life. Is there really a storm or are there just a bunch of overwhelming consequences raining down from your own decisions? The answer to this isn't for me, it's for you. I can tell you right now though, it's not the devil. Let accountability lead you and set you free.

Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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