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the precipice of promise

Last year today I was internally transitioning from one personal plane to another, unknowingly. The space I was in was comfortable, convenient, and appeared to be easy. The person I was involved with was wanted, it seemed like a long time ask had been given and was being given until it wasn't...

And the very next day I had to ask myself "Is THIS really what you want?"

Life is always funny until she asks you a question that your soul is not ready to account for and answer. Instead of an immediate answer, a challenge to that comfort zone appeared. It presented itself as strong, persistent, and most importantly, CONSISTENT. I immediately saw the value in the challenge even though I had not made the decision to abandon my comfort zone, so I stayed a little my comfort zone.

As life in indecision would have it, a stone was thrown into my comfort zone. Everything associated with that space crumbled and I had to make a decision I honestly did not want to make. I had to step away from that space that had become so familiar to me. I knew that space was not where I was supposed to be. I knew that there was no longevity in that space. I knew that I could not pour my everything into that space. All of these things I knew going in. I was still disappointed when I had to walk away because the “More” I needed was literally present and in my face. In order for my personal space to align with the promises God made over my life, I knew I had to make a decision to walk away even though I did not want to.

I am here today, literally and figuratively, twelve months on the other side of that decision. Those decisions actually, because my personal space has been riddled with them since that day. My level of understanding in hindsight is with FL diamond clarity and hearing impeccably clear in Dolby Digital HD. I would not be walking in any forward alignment with God's plan were it not for the indecision, the challenges, and ultimately facing the uncomfortable inner truths coupled with making the uncomfortable decisions.

I can transparently say that I have finally defeated the clutch of my comfort zones, there was more than one. There are several things that I had to internally, mentally, and emotionally die to in order to live within the peace of life I have today. My next level of life is unknown as far as details, but it is certain to move and be lived in an upward trajectory stabilized by solidified substance and sound decision-making. My decisions come quicker now, even if they are not ones that I want to make. My decisions have become more effective because they are made when needed not when they are forced by indecision. I know that they are necessary for my own personal growth as well as those that I steward over in mentorship.

The precipice of promise is not the plateau of promise. It is the space where you know that you've passed the tests of obedience to steward forward in the plateau of abundance. I want to encourage you today to make the necessary decisions now, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Our living-place is not to figure out the details, but it is to make the decisions needed so that Gods hand remains open to freely paint in vivid color. Living a full, purpose-filled life is more about personal will than it is a personal skill. Today, discern and DECIDE. Whatever you are willing to do is what you are willing to have. Let it be MORE life. Let it be MORE love. Let it be MORE laughs. Genuinely, authentically, and obediently.

~Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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