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the SET place

2012 was the year I took a very major pay cut to come back into the finance industry so that I could give my babies the life stability and balance my job at the time did not afford us. My heart's purest desire for them was to not have to experience any of the things did I as a child just to survive each day.

It was the first time I moved in immediate obedience without knowing what was on the other side of God’s instruction. I was at work one day looking online for jobs and a new place to stay because my lease was expiring soon. I heard in my spirit "Look on the Eastside." I looked around the store, frowned my face up, and changed my search criteria. I had questions in my head and at the same time a sense of peace in my heart. A month later I blindly moved to the Eastside of Atlanta from the Southside of Atlanta in the middle of the school year. I drove them to their school every day on the Southside, worked whatever my schedule was regardless of what it was, and somehow managed to make things work without telling everyone everything that was going on and why I moved. A month later, I began the interview process for a job that would land me back in my career field working fifteen minutes from our new townhome. It also happened to be a restored opportunity that I fumbled in disobedience in 2009, three years prior. What I know now is there is a reason why God tells you something and why it is important to not share those instructions with everyone.

That time was precious in the foundation of prayer I created for my children and me. My Babies and I stood in my bedroom every night praying for God to make a way where I would no longer have to work weekends so that I could take them to the park. I would let them pray first and I would close us out, sealing our united requests to the Lord. It brings tears to my eyes typing this because there was such innocence in what their hearts wanted❤️.

I was scrolling through trying to find pictures of myself from 2012 and soon realized that there was not a lot of them. All I wanted to do today was post another picture set for the #tenyearchallenge that is trending on my various social media platforms. Before I could even think to ask why or if I had missed looking in one of my digital files, it dawned on me that 10 years ago is when my Babies and I stood in our prayer circle asking God for the life we live now. Can I tell you my tears are of gratitude and that my heart is so VERY FULL right now as I type? Can I share with you how I can look back to that time and see clearly how God's hand was on the purity of our heartfelt prayers? Can I tell you that it is out of the abundance of my heart that I sit here in utter awe because He heard us? Can I shout to you how obedience and stewardship of the assignment indeed pays off? That season has a limited quantity of pictures because it was a time where God was doing light work in a dark space. It was a quiet, necessary time in my life.

While these last ten years have not been perfect, they have most certainly been purposed. I can tell you that God's instruction, timing, and desire are all working together to guide you to the set place promised to those that take Him at his word. There is a place designed just for you and it will not mirror that of another. There is a place born in your process that cannot be mistaken when you are living on the other side of it. This set place is promised to those who trust, persevere, and obey. God wastes nothing. I have found that everything is a necessary ingredient for your purposed plate.

I encourage you to stay in your process. I encourage you to trust God with your prayers. I encourage you to make the uncanny decisions that challenge your comfort zone. And most importantly, I pray that you obey the instruction given to you even and especially when it does not make sense. God is cooking up something for you that has a taste only His hand can create. God's place setting is like no other, I most certainly know this for myself.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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