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3.31.24. Wildy enough it is the end of March already. None of what I thought would be fully completed by now is. A new wave of life transition kicked off right before my 43rd birthday in January. Shortly before Valentine's Day, personal matters began to test my heart. Towards the end of February unresolved family matters resurfaced. A lot was happening inside that people could not see outside. Amidst all this was also the seventh anniversary of #SlaySpirituallyInc. As purpose would have it, #Slays' birthday is March 17th; the luckiest day of the year. God had been giving me next-phase downloads for weeks already, and I knew what needed to be done. I knew focus, isolation, and heartwork were required. I told my social media "family" I was taking a break in February.

My normal pattern of behavior in spaces like this has been to shut down social media, fast, pray, and do whatever the Holy Spirit instructs me to do. Fasting and prayer are my tools for my best heart work; healing is an inside job that really isn't ever complete. Typically after any period of isolation, the fruit from that time speaks for me. My isolation is always the result of God's strategic elevation.

Here we are on the last day of March. Some things have been done for Slay. Social media is still up and running. My prayer space has been solid, but not one fast has stuck. I've been resting but I have not rested, if that makes sense. My focus has been distracted on it's best day. I've navigated personal matters very well and not so well at all. It's been an interesting space to say the least. As I reflected over my last ninety days one scripture has kept coming to mind; Proverbs 14:12(NJKV). It says " There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death." Nothing I've been doing seems to be working.

The reality of this quarter dawned on me a few days ago.

I am no longer in a "normal" space. I am in a promised space. What I have been used to and have grown used to no longer exists. Ways of operating on a personal level have shifted. Professional matters have shifted. Seven years ago this quarter, God made some promises to me. This transition is the manifestation of those promises being paid in full. I've already been through everything I am experiencing before, just not like this. This is DIFFERENT. It's supposed to be.

My normal patterns of faith behavior won't do well this season. The Holy Spirit has been course-correcting me in real time each day. The beautiful part of this process is that I am not fighting it. Each day comes with revelation, gratitude, and correction when necessary. Isolation, fasting, and prayer will have places at the table, just not served in the same manners as before. There is a manner of excellence wrapped in love that God desires to do things each day for me. It's time I get out of the way and let Him. I'm entrusting Him to manage everything like He does, even when it's not how I would do it or want it done.

God's way of doing things has a texture that our way does not. His way yields a love substance that makes the most unbearable things easier. There is a peace that surpasses when we get out of the way.

As we close this quarter, I encourage you to Let go, AND. Let God. There are new things He wants to do for you too. Let Him.

~Healing Is A #HeartPostuer~ Kesh C.


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