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The WAY Out...

The one thing we can all agree on is that Adam and Eve ran and hid from God once they ate the forbidden fruit. We can fast forward to see Saul trying to take matters into his own hands after finding out he had displeased God. We can take note of Jonah running to avoid doing what God told him to do. We can deep dive and see Saul killing believers for worshiping a Lord he didn't know for himself.

I can find myself relating to every last one of these people and their situations throughout my adult life thus far. I can look back to so many times when I flat out ran from God because I knew I'd done something wrong or had messed up in an area of my life. Some of those times are more recent than I care for them to be. I hid in shame instead of praying because I knew that I did exactly what I wanted to do even when I knew better. I knew that God wasn't mad at me, but I also knew that He was disappointed in my behavior. I didn't want to deal with the correction I knew would come. I didn't want to deal with knowing I had disrespected my relationship with the Lord. I also didn't want to hear the chastisement about consequences I was enduring but could have easily avoided by choosing God's way over mine. It's easier to hide than to hear "I TOLD YOU SO." To be quite transparent, I ran and hid from God because I knew I had done something outside of His will for me. Even when I wasn't as strong in our relationship as I am now, I knew what not to do relationally to cause a divide in the relationship I was trying to build. Think about it, do you really ever want to intentionally hurt someone you love? I didn't want to hurt God but I have found myself doing it often.

Isn't it funny how we say we love the Lord but will blatantly disregard Him and straight-up ignore what He says to us? I'm a culprit and an accomplice of this in my own life. The beautiful thing about God is that He isn't going to say "I TOLD YOU SO." Much of the condemnation we deal with is self-induced and self-inflicted. We create a punishment in our minds that isn't in God's heart. Many of the judgements we think we will face are created by the wrong teachings and misinterpretations of " hand me down" religion. Some of it comes from knowing better and not giving ourselves grace in human moments. It's very interesting how we can have grace for everyone but ourselves. Much of what "we think" we will deal with is created in our own minds.

I challenge you today to pause and examine how you are behaving towards God. I challenge you today to take note of how you handle things when you are in the wrong. The way you handle conflict is an indication of your relationship with God, with self, and with others. Instead of hiding, choose to be accountable for your behaviour so that your process isn't hindered by matters you've tried to place into your own hands and under your own control. We don't have to hide in fear nor shame when we fall short. God still loves us dearly. Instead of running from the Lord, run to Him. You may find He's already provided you with a sure way of escape from the mess you've made. He's done it for me, I'm certain He will do it for you.

Healing Is A #HeartPosture - Kesh C.


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