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to WHOM it may CONCERN...

I do not consider myself to be an "American Christian", but I do consider myself a believer of Christ and a doer of His teachings. I believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the indwelling Holy Spirit. I do not think that I am a healer or a savior. I do believe, however, that I am someone God gave a second chance in life. I wanted to open with that because, in this journey to better, there is much that I had to unlearn. Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally. There are a lot of walks I have had to take alone because those around me were not as equipped to walk forward with me as I thought they would be. There are a lot of walks I have had to take alone simply because I had outgrown the environment I was in. While it does not ever feel good separating from those you like, love, and feel called to; I can say that I understand why each disconnect up to this point in my life was necessary. I can certainly tell you that I know had I stayed in places longer than I did, #SlaySpirituallyInc would not have ever been born. I can certainly tell you that if I had known what purpose would cost me, I would have told God "NO" instead of "YES." I will not argue with anyone about the color of Jesus's skin. I will not participate in debates regarding the validity of the Bible. My own consistent failures and successes along the way have negated the need for these kinds of conversations. One thing I am absolutely certain of is that I would not be typing today were it not for the mercy and grace of God above.

We live in a world where people are searching for something solid to hold onto every day of their lives. From the perfect image on social media to the idea of "peace" brought by a person in a relationship. Everyone is seeking something yet no one wants to sit down and remain still long enough to take hold of anything substantial and real. Society has conditioned us to believe it is far easier to enjoy the counterfeit feeling of instant gratification than to wait, work, and enjoy the longevity of spoils earned. One of the biggest scams against humanity is the idea of getting all things quick and shortcutting the natural process of life. This idea is prevalent in everything from cosmetic surgery to the road to becoming a millionaire on the internet. While the shortcut and easy way may seem right, it typically costs more than our souls can afford to pay in the long run.

What I have found is that the same shortcuts we choose to take in life are also the same shortcuts we take in faith. The result is the same; a counterfeit solution disguised as a blessing that distracts and disturbs our purpose. Distraction is typically presented during times of transition when our faith is most tested. It can come in the form of a person, it can come in the form of a job, it can come disguised as friends, and it can come in the form of finances.

As I have walked out the last nine months, I can certainly tell you that every form of distraction possible found a way to present itself in my process. I've previously shared how I wrestled with my mind and my faith to the point of questioning and cursing God. There were times when the frustration of delay truly got the best of me. I struggled because I was experiencing "old things" in what I knew was a new season. Even up to the moment of typing this, there was a behind-the-scenes struggle. You name it, it came; from men to money. Remarkably enough, God's instruction also came very clear in what felt like the noisiest moments. There were things that I could have done and have done previously to shortcut my process. All those things were in disobedience to God's instruction, purpose, and plan for my life. This last season, in each instance where my faith was tried, I was presented with a choice. The only thing I could do was trust God. Seriously. All that I thought I could rely on was not there. All that I thought would happen fell through because it was not aligned with what God needed to happen. To say these last few months were challenging is an understatement. It was a quiet, frustrating time where I found myself having to consistently go back to whatever it was God said, and choose to stand on that. Trusting God with everything that concerns you is not easy. Trusting God with everything that concerns you does not feel good either. Trusting God will challenge everything and everyone that has felt comfortable because you have no control. Trusting God will require you to sit down and also sit still. The stillness is where you will find both transition and distraction. Transition is not easy, but it is far better than the destruction that comes with giving in to distraction. It is in the stillness that you become refined and reformed. Your mind and soul will be transformed if you allow it. You will find that everyone cannot come, everyone cannot go, and you will understand why.

What will you do when God says, "Wait." What will you do when God says, "Be Still." What will you do when God says, "No." These are all things I have been through before and I can tell you that growing through them this go around was distinctly different. I knew who God was. I now absolutely know who God IS. I encourage you to stay your course and still your faith, no matter how challenging your life process may currently be. God has a plan, a purpose, and a promise for your life. Sit down and remain still long enough for Him to share it with you and show you why only you can bring it forth.

~Healing Is A #HeartPosture~ Kesh. C


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