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welcome to the jungle...........

2020 has left nothing untouched thus far. Collectively we have been witness to the untimely death of a basketball superstar. We are trying to remain sane in the middle of a global health pandemic. The United States has entered its first recession since 2008. We have been traumatized by the merciless murder of George Floyd. It is safe to say that "what next?" is a question everyone is afraid of asking at this point.

Enter God. In the middle of world chaos, I am reminded of the children of Israel. I am reminded of their forty-year wilderness journey. Every time I study this journey I am taken back to the heart of the matter. It is often preached and taught from the perspective of how the first generation did not make it to the promised land but the reasons why are not always adequately discussed. The land they were promised was approximately thirty miles away from the land where their previous captivity was; logistically and realistically it should not have taken forty years to arrive at the destination God had set aside for them to flourish in. Yet it did. The journey took forty years because it was not the people that were not allowed into the promised land, it was the residue from the heart substance of bondage that the people would not let go of that God did not want to enter into the land He purposed to flourish. Every single time things did not happen in a manner they desired the children of Israel went back to what they were accustomed to doing. From taking more manna than needed to dancing naked in worship of the golden calf idol one can recognize the bondage they were consumed with was internal. They were easily swayed by the fickleness in their hearts. They were convinced that God was real but when things became uncertain they relied on what they learned during their captivity but not the God who had rescued them from captivity. This was a back and forth struggle between the hearts of mankind and God for forty years. If this seems or sounds familiar its because it is. As a man thinks within his heart so is he.......

Welcome. To. The. Jungle.

2020 has come for our edges, our eyebrows, our values, our morals, our humanity, our minds, our souls, and our HEARTS in such a way that there is not one person who has not been impacted. It is the very heart matter of mankind that is once again being affected. God is globally and wholely dealing with our heart posture. Not everyone is up for this though. Look around you. As a matter of fact, look at yourself. How many times has it been said " I cannot wait for things to go back to normal?" My dear friends, our lives will not ever be the same. The world as we know it will not ever be the same. Nothing as we knew it will be the same. Our heart matter towards even the simplest things in life is being exposed on a grand scale. Do you like what you see? Do you recognize who you have become? Do you understand why you are where you are? Where does your heart stand?

Normal was dysfunctional. As unfortunate as 2020 has seemed to us it has indeed been most necessary. My question to you is simply this: Will you make it to the promised land?

We have been called collectively to examine our hearts. We have been called to collectively examine our life decisions. We have been called collectively to examine our minds. We have been called to examine where our trust in uncertain times lies. We have been called out into the forefront and the exposure is devastating in more areas than one. God is calling.

How will you respond?

Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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