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the COST

We are at the end of 2021 and I can solidly say I am extremely glad for the choices I made this year. The most impactful ones were in my personal heart-space. 2021 was truly a year where my "NO" and my heart boundaries were honored, respected, and considered righteously. I saw the immediate response to my prayers and I learned that I am ready for the love God has for me. Even in saying this, please understand that there was a cost associated. In order for me to understand the power of my "NO" I had to consider what I had said "YES" to...

And I also had to consider why I said "YES" to whatever it was...

One of the key things I have learned to do in every aspect of my life is to pray and seek God's guidance in every situation. From dealing with a man to accepting a job offer; I literally ask, seek, and knock. Now, this is good practice but the problem for me in my younger faith came when it was time to obey divine instruction. You see, if you let Him, God will talk back. We have to decide what we will do with what He has said, especially when it is not what we want to hear. Disobeying and doing the opposite of what God told me to do has cost me some things over the years that my soul did not have the cash nor check to pay. I can most certainly tell you that nothing and no one is worth what disobedience will cost you.

Consider what you have said "YES" to. Consider why you have said "YES" to it. Chances are you may have given your "YES" to things and people that suit the comfort zone that was not ever supposed to be a part of God's destiny for you. Contrary to popular practice and popular belief, you do not have to wait until January 1, 2022, to make any life changes. You can start today by telling all the things you should have not ever said "YES" to, "NO."

There is a life God has for you that your comfort zone cannot go.

Make the changes, Make the choices. They will indeed bless you, I know well for myself.

Until 2022, be well, be healed, be whole!

~Healing is a #HeartPosture ~ Kesh C.


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