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Who Is THIS???

Sometimes our "Image of God" is the one we've romanticized for ourselves.......

So here's the thing. Nobody comes for your business quite like the Holy Spirit. If you really commit to a personal relationship with God, you'll find that out for yourself over time. That's' a promise. I posted this on Facebook on December 5th, 2019. It wasn't petty but it was absolutely PERSONAL. To be really funky with you, if I had continued in some of the circles of "Godly Women" that I found myself in, my relationship with God would be three hundred percent jacked up. It would have also been five hundred percent based on a "Godly Image" that was at best FAKE. Let me first say, that I'm 38 years old. I didn't really start consuming alcohol until I was 34 -35. I don't care for the taste of alcohol so if it is not something extremely fruity, I will not drink it. Let me also add that I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran that has never smoked and didn't start adult alcohol consumption until I was in my mid-thirties, well after separation from the Corps. I don't say this as a badge of sainthood, I just want you to have a better understanding of the perspective I'm going to share.

It's taken me some time to understand that often times people are placed in your life to show you exactly what not to do. I can also say that sometimes you will, unfortunately, encounter spiritually weak individuals on your journey who have no life substance but will hide all day behind their projected "image of God" and their "knowledge" of scripture. I've been around women like this and could have very easily become one had my own relationship with God not been on its own solid foundation. The Bible says plainly that our best image before the Lord is as filthy rags. What that means is that there isn't an image you can create or fabricate that will make you look more appealing in God's eyes. Fabricated images only carry weight in the eyes of man and even that only lasts for so long. I've been in the company of women who were "known to pray heaven down" but would hide their wine glass so that it wasn't photographed for a social media picture. We all have something to hide, so I'm not judging anyone. I am, however, challenging the behavior, my own included. The thing is, you can hide whatever you want to protect your perceived public image, but there is not one thing you can hide from God.

So. Whose image is it that you're projecting anyhow? Is it really an image of God or is it the image that you are comfortable with people seeing?

As I continue to mature in Christ, this is a question I find that pops up in the most uncomfortable situations for me. It's a question that my decisions will always answer for me. It is also a question that your decisions will answer for you.

Healing Is A #HeartPosture ~Kesh C.


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